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If you need help standing out, we’re your people.

Graphic design and creative branding are our passion – we produce everything from standout logos and exhibition signs to fully-realised brand identities, brought to life through a variety of online and offline marketing platforms. Whether you just need one of our services or want the full package, the Parade Design team can help to bring your business vision to life.

Graphic design

What even is graphic design? This is a question we’re asked a lot. Broadly speaking, graphic design combines visual mediums such as typography, photography and illustration to communicate a message or idea, often on behalf of businesses.

Think of it as an essential part your brand’s personality. Do you want customers to see you as approachable or exclusive? Creative or logical? Traditional or contemporary? Whatever the answers, graphic design is a tool that can help you express your professional identity in a way that your clients relate to, increasing your potential for business growth.

Logos and brand identities

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s a promise to your customer base and what they associate with your products or services. At Parade, we specialise in crafting consistent and professional brand identities for businesses; producing original designs that pique the interest of potential customers, differentiate companies from their competitors and highlight the qualities that make them unique.

Of course, logos are an important element of brand identity, and if that’s what you need then we can certainly design a bespoke logo just for you. If an identity is what you’re after, we can ensure you have all the design elements you need to represent your business, including a set of guidelines to maintain brand consistency in future marketing.

Design for print

Although digital devices have revolutionised the way that brands communicate, print remains an invaluable asset when it comes to reaching customers in a tangible and memorable way. Our creative team are firm believers in the power of print – by designing beautiful brochures, memorable mailers and perfect packaging for our clients, we’ve seen brands transform perceptions and win new business.

With our knowledge and experience in the print industry, we know how to to perfect your printed material. The right paper selection, printing techniques and fine-detail finishes can make all the difference, ensuring that the end result of your project reflects the quality and appeal of the design itself.

Our close working relationships with quality printing companies, means we can manage the whole print process for you. From specifying jobs for competitive prices, through to delivery or storage, we liaise directly with printers to ensure your order is completed on time and in budget.

Websites and digital media

Thanks to the likes of search engines, social media, smartphone apps and beautifully designed websites, today’s businesses have the opportunity to target specific groups of customers all over the world.

Digital media is one of our specialisms here at Parade. By working closely with trusted developers, we can deliver a bespoke and fully responsive user-experience for your website or digital product. Whether advertising, presentations or e-marketing, our team will ensure that the look and feel of your online identity is visually consistent with the rest of your brand.

Design comes in all shapes and sizes, and websites are no exception. We operate a ‘blank page’ approach to website design. Every client is different, and every client has different requirements. We work closely with you to determine exactly what you need from a website, and what’s achievable within your budget and timescale. We design and build websites from scratch – no dusting off old templates and giving them a tweak before selling them as new work. We build from the ground up, to match exactly the designer’s vision and your requirements. By not limiting ourselves by using off-the-shelf content management systems, we are also able to produce very powerful but incredibly easy-to-use site administration interfaces. We build only what you need, which saves us time and saves you money. Our site admin is also very easy to expand and enhance, so future development of a site is never an issue.

Illustration and photography

It’s true that pictures speak a thousand words: the right combination of illustration and photography has the potential to transform an ordinary brand into an amazing one.

Parade Design can help your business to develop an unmistakeable brand identity. As well as producing bespoke illustration in house, we maintain close relationships with a talented assortment of freelance illustrators and photographers, each with their own unique style. This means that if you have a particular look or feel in mind for your project, we’ll be able to bring in the perfect person for the job.

Whether we’re creating original illustration that personify your business or styling rooms for a professional photoshoot, Parade’s creative team will help create an unmistakable image for your brand.

Signage and large-scale graphics

Sometimes, bigger is better. Large signs and graphics can help to ensure that your business isn’t overlooked at conferences or trade events. If your business has a physical location such as a shop or office, well-designed signage that reflects your brand is vital to attract customers to your premises.

Billboards, bus advertising, wall graphics, exhibition stands and directional signage. There’s an art to designing large-scale graphics that demand to be seen, and Parade’s team of creative designers have mastered it.






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