The Pelvic Pain Network

For this project we created:

Brand Identity / Advertising / Digital / Print

As a new nationwide network of specialists providing industry leading care to women suffering with persistent pelvic pain, The Pelvic Pain Network required a brand identity that was approachable and trustworthy from day one. A focus on quality care and efficiency needed to be conveyed through the brand positioning. Avoiding a stereotypically feminine look was vital.


On a mission to make pelvic pain healthcare more accessible

The Pelvic Pain Network was established by Jilly Bond and Virginia Rivers Bulkeley to support the needs of the 1 in 5 women, with persistent pelvic pain. 


The messaging used throughout the brand was honest, educational, and supportive. It emphasised the organisation's commitment to helping women with pelvic pain find relief and improve their quality of life with a focus on industry-leading specialist care and efficiency. 


Continuous Lines

The logomark we created informed the rest of the brand with continuous lines and markers, representing the connections between patients and specialists across the network.





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