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St David’s Hospice Care is a charitable organisation providing comprehensive, palliative care to patients, their families and carers facing life-limiting illnesses. They provide a large range of expert services offering care and support, specialising in pain relief and symptom control to help people live and have the best quality of life possible. Their services are delivered from the comfort of patient’s homes or their purpose built in-patient hospice. St David’s Hospice Care believe that everyone should have access to high quality and compassionate palliative and end of life care, where and whenever they need it. These services are free of charge.

From their first year of operation, when they cared for 6 patients, St David’s has grown to become one of the UK’s largest provider of hospice at home care, caring for over 3,200 patients and families every year, serving communities in South East Wales (Newport, Caerphilly, Torfaen, Monmouthshire, as well as Mid and South Powys.)



Real people with real, heartwarming stories to tell.

It’s so important to have a bank of really good quality images when you’re setting out to promote a business or service. It adds value to your marketing if the pictures are authentic and taken professionally. Stock library imagery is fine for certain fillers, but no substitute for a bespoke photoshoot.

We commissioned Photography by Anderson and spent 3 days at the hospice gathering photography and video footage to populate the website, printed literature and social media content.

To diminish any preconceived ideas of what a hospice is like, it was important to both us and the team at St David’s that we photographed real patients and staff with real stories to tell. We wanted the video and images to reflect the incredible care provided by St David’s Hospice and despite the sensitive subject, show the enjoyment and warmth that is felt by everyone throughout the beautiful premises in Malpas every day.  

A commissioned film, shortlisted as a finalist in the Smiley Charity Film Awards.

We submitted the film, co-directed by Parade and Photography by Anderson into The Charity Film Awards, the world’s biggest campaign to promote cause-based films. 

Thanks to the votes from St David's Hospice Care supporters, the film was shortlisted and made it into the final stage of the competition, meaning we were able to attend the award ceremony at the ODEON Luxe in Leicester Square.



A responsive upgrade

St David's Hospice Care's last website was built in 2012. With tech changing every couple of months and mobile phones generating roughly 60% of website traffic the website was due a responsive upgrade.

With the average life span of a website now being a mere 2 years and 7 months, it's no wonder that over the 10 years St David's had their existing website, it developed, grew and gained a whole load of new content.

Naturally, over the 10 years the charity and their services had grown and developed. Our first step was to assess the existing website and content, condensing down and combining pages where necessary to reduce the overall page count.

New functions to reduce admin & increase sales.

It was important to both us and St David's Hospice Care that the new website streamlined existing processes, reduced admin time for staff and gave a seamless experience for users when buying event tickets, donating & reading about what St David's do. 

The website needed to provide a large variety of information and do a number of different jobs:

A custom-built event booking system

We added a booking system for events, keeping everything under one roof. This allows users to purchase tickets on the website and lets staff manage bookings/numbers on the back-end of the website.

Accessible, up to date shop info & item donation forms

Charity shops and item donations bring vital funds to St David's Hospice Care. With the content managed system St David's can easily keep shop information like opening times and donations they accept up to date, making this accessible for customers. We also integrated an item donation form so donators can arrange an item pick up and St David's can assess the quality of items being donated.

Easier ways to donate

No more relying on cash donations or paper forms. We've digitised the process making it easier and quicker for users to make a donation. Users are able to make a one off donation, set up a monthly Direct Debit or pay in money raised during fundraising.



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