Motion Law

For this project we created:

Logo / Brand / Website / Print / Digital / Copywriting

Motion Law are a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking professional legal advice for motoring incidents and offences. A motoring division of law firm Collingbourne Hennah Law, the brand needed to reflect the core values of the company – trustworthy and professional, yet friendly and approachable.

This project was a chance for us to start from scratch: we worked on everything from name generation to finishing touches, ensuring complete consistency across Motion Law’s brand identity. We were keen to avoid the gimmicky approach used by other motoring law firms, instead choosing to conceptualise an innovative and forward-thinking brand; using quirky-but-tasteful copy and design to help our client develop an approachable, reliable reputation.

The name Motion was chosen for its positive connotations within both driving and the law. It signifies a business that isn’t afraid to move forward with clients, ‘keeping their wheels in motion’. The two O’s in Motion also function as a logo mark, which we incorporated into illustrations across the firm’s website and printed material.





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