Little Ones

For this project we created:

Brand identity / Packaging / Print / Digital / Animation

It's always a joy to work on a children's brand identity, it allows us to take a step back and think outside of the box as a child would. No rules exist in the minds of little ones!

Emily, the client, came to us very organised, with a great brief, strong ideas and a pre-chosen catchy name 'Little Ones'. The brand, aiming to sell a carefully curated collection of planet friendly children’s toys to inspire creativity, open-ended and curious play, of course, needed a vibrant and playful brand to help it stand out from other competitors.

We created a bespoke logo identity, social media assets and stationery for print, with a focus on packaging for the products being sold at pop-up stalls around Suffolk and online through an e-commerce website. The brand needed to be unisex and appeal to both adults and children, in particular members of the public who may have existing ideas of what play is, how toys look and the gender stereotypes certain toys hold.

You won't find Barbies or Ken dolls here, just beautifully crafted toys that are an art in themselves! 


We asked...

"What words do you want people to associate with the company?"

Emily answered...

"Playful, curiosity, imagination, creativity, breaking stereotypes, fun, free, open-ended play, happy, independent play."

Building the brand, brick by brick.

The logo was inspired by the most classic of all toys - wooden blocks. A simple, timeless toy with endless creative possibilities. With the block emblem, vibrant Dick Bruna-esque colour palette, slogan and a clean sans-serif word mark, we managed to achieve the Swiss look we had aimed for.



Kraft, kraft & more kraft!

With ethics and sustainability at its core with its product-range, the packaging also had to reflect this. After all, there's no point buying a plastic-free toy for it to be put in a plastic carrier bag! 

We opted for kraft packaging and uncoated stocks, making them pop with our fun set of stickers, paper tape and printed tissue. Allowing the brand to shine through, without the massive cost!

We even created some order cards with purpose - with interactive craft activities and colouring in on the reverse.





Shop & Pop-up visuals 

At present, Little Ones are at pop-up locations around Suffolk, but we love to dream and produce options, so mocked up a bright shop front as a taster for the future.

We also suggested organic stall and display materials like OSB board and wooden pegboards, to help the brand and products shine and reiterate the handmade/sustainable ethics of the brand.

Proving that branding doesn't necessarily stop at stationery! 



Informative & community-based socials

Product photography and lifestyle shots for this brand were of course key. As well as promoting products we wanted the Little Ones online community to be exactly that - a community. To provide informative and useful content on play and parenting.

We created a series of social posts using the brand illustrations & assets to do just that.

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