Cove Recruitment

For this project we created:

Logo / Brand / Website / Print / Digital / Copywriting

A new recruitment business with 40 years of combined experience between its founding members, Cove Recruitment wanted a brand image that was classy, approachable and ethical, appealing to the high-end market.

With a nautical name like Cove Recruitment, we decided that a maritime look would suit the business. Throwing cheap seaside clichés overboard, we opted instead for sophisticated stripes and contemporary minimalism – an ideal pairing of professionalism and coastal chic.

Cove’s branding was all about the details: the logo features clean and inviting typography, with a neat internal horizon line signifying the team’s ability to keep businesses afloat with permanent recruitment solutions. Elsewhere, the anchor icon used across company stationery reiterates the level-headed stability that Cove’s clients can rely on. We loved this project – from dreaming up ocean-based puns to creating bespoke goodies like greeting cards and jars of mints for recruitment candidates, the creative freedom Cove gave us was a real breath of fresh air.









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