Clear For Men

For this project we created:

Brand identity / Packaging design / Digital Marketing / Print

Budding entrepreneur and founder of Clear for Men, Louis approached us with his business not yet launched, but with a name and logo already designed. We worked with him to develop a brand identity to sit alongside the existing logo and created packaging that would help position the product exactly where he wanted it to sit within the market.

Louis was keen for Clear for Men to be more than just a product and wanted to highlight mental health awareness for men and encourage them to take the time to check in with their emotions and mental wellbeing via a daily skincare routine.

We love working with companies who help spread positivity in the world, and Clear For Men is just that, donating 2% of sales made to Mind UK! 🌎

Go on, take five.

We developed the ‘Take Five’ concept based around swapping the daily grind of every day life for 5 minutes a day of self-care - a.k.a ‘Daily Mind’.

After all, everyone has some kind of daily grind, whether it’s the dishes piling up, being a full-time parent or overwhelming work commitments.

With this in mind, we created five fundamentals of self-care: 1. Being present 2. Connecting with others 3. Moving 4. Practising kindness 5. Expansion & personal growth.

As well as selling a product, founder Louis was also selling a lifestyle. It was important to use social media, something that can sometimes negatively impact people's mental health as a tool to build a community, based around positivity and mental health awareness. 

Content focussed around tips, advice and self-care reminders each day.


Luxury and sustainable packaging

Armed with our research of other mid-range brands, it was clear that as well as an amazing skincare product, consumers and retailers expected beautiful, sustainable packaging as part of the shopping experience.

We wanted opening the Clear for Men packaging to be an experience, a box you’d be excited to see and recognise arriving in the post.

Working with Freckl along the way to make sure our ideas were achievable in print (and budget!), we opted for a snug custom die cut insert to safely house the bottle in transit, keeping things as sustainable as possible with no need for bubble wrap or packing peanuts. When the bottle is removed from the die cut, the 'Five Fundamentals of self-care' are revealed.



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