We're on the move!

7th December 2021

This Christmas we’re doing things a little bit differently in the studio. By now we’re usually getting tangled up in Christmas lights and putting up the tree, but this year, we’re on the move!

We’ve swapped the decorations for moving boxes as we ‘Marie Kondo’ our desk drawers and pack up all of our studio possessions as we prepare to bid farewell to our home in The Estates Office after 7 whole years (emotional memory post to come at a later date!)

Why would we decide to move out of our office at the busiest time of year, you may ask? Well, a new Parade HQ is on the horizon in the New Year. Our very own office to kit out and fill with prints, retro finds, and of course, ourselves! Before you worry that we’re leaving Newport behind, we’re not! We’ll still be in Newport and super local.

Whilst we’re kitting it out and getting our builders hats on, we’ll be taking things back to 2020 style and working from home, operating as normal. Albeit with a little mini ‘Grand Design’ on our hands, endless trips to Ikea, and no doubt many interior mock-ups of the new studio cluttering our Photoshop files.

As we’re working from home our main phoneline will be temporarily unavailable, but we’ll have our mobiles and of course we can be contacted via our usual emails. In the meantime, we're still in the office up until we close for Christmas so feel free to give us a call if you need to or have any questions!

Eyes on the post!

Our Christmas mailer theme this year, centers around us moving – so clients and friends of Parade, keep your eyes out for a little something to decorate your tree, over the next few days!


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