USW Full House degree show

1st June 2015

Last Friday we took a trip to Cardiff to visit the ‘Full House’ degree show at The Atrium campus. Prior to the event we had a lovely visit from Simone who had kindly braved the horrible weather to make a trip to the studio to drop off a pack of playing cards. Each card had a separate students design on the back, the creators of the artwork were anonymous and would only be revealed at the show. We picked our favourites and looked forward to finding out who had designed them! 

The laid back environment at the show was great, there was lots of open space to chat and admire the lovely variety of work on display. We were particularly impressed by the iPads on the walls displaying student work (fancy, eh?) and by the collection of business cards, which we must admit, got a bit carried away with. 

It’s difficult to take everything in when you’re in a room full of design, It can only be compared to being a chocaholic on a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and showering under the chocolate waterfall. We were super impressed by the hand drawn Lord of the Rings typography wall, despite the fact that we’ve never been able to sit through the whole film (It’s so long!). 

We also really enjoyed the interactivity of the ‘Cull Yourself’ website, which was really thought provoking, along with a great project on creative block. It was very simple and brave, which we really admired and perfectly summed up something that all creatives deal with at some point in their career.

There was some great work on display and a big well done to the students and staff that put the degree show together! Who knows, maybe we’ll bag ourselves a graduate?

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