October: in brief

2nd November 2022

And just like that, it's November!

We've got our SAD lamps at the ready to provide us with some much needed Vitamin D, the Christmas projects have commenced and our mouse-hand is starting to get frosty. Winter is most definitely on its way. What we would like to know is... where has this year gone?!

We've had a busy month with two of our biggest projects nearing completion, one in Wrexham and one right here in Newport. We've still had time to complete project sign off from a fabulous new brand we've recently created and also get some lunchtime revision in for the St David's Hospice Biz Quiz we entered last week.

Here's a summary of what we got up to in October:

St David's Hospice Care photoshoot

At the end of September we commissioned Photography by Anderson to take photos and video footage for the St David's Hospice Care website, social media and marketing campaigns. They've got such an impressive portfolio of work we knew they would be perfect for the job.

Claire first met the husband and wife photography duo in their Blackpool art college years in 1998 (Isy and Leigh were studying photography and Claire, graphic design). It was a great experience to get to work together after all these years, feeling somewhat older than when they first met some 23 years ago!

Leigh spent 3 days at the main hospice site in Malpas, Newport with Claire, taking pictures of the nursing staff, day hospice and in-patient unit and were blown away by the genuine warmth and inviting atmosphere you feel as soon as you enter the building.

In October we received the final footage and photography and we're just thrilled with the results. The beautiful portfolio will go a long way in showcasing the incredible services, care and support that the charity provides on a daily basis, as well as making the website we've been designing look even better!

Wrapping up a new branding project

In October we wrapped up our newest branding project, which we can't go into too much detail about yet until it has been officially launched. But it's all about empowering and educating women about their bodies, no matter what race, religion, size or shape. It's been an absolute pleasure to work on and we can't wait to proudly present it in the coming months.

We pulled inspiration from classic protest posters with their bold and timeless letterpress typography as well as the grungy punk movement.

Watch this space!

Chapter Court, Wrexham

Development is finally underway at Chapter Court, a food court/micro-retailing space in the heart of Wrexham. Having completed the branding for this project 'pre-Covid' the time had come for Claire and James to hop on the train to visit the site once again. This time to plan for the interior wall graphics installation.

We've been working on this project for a loooong time, so it's great to finally see it come to fruition and see the space develop. 

Unfortunately, clearly not concentrating, Claire and James ended up doing a bit of a D-Tour via Liverpool on the way home adding another 3.5 hours on to their journey. At least it gave them plenty of time to brush up on their general knowledge for the Biz Quiz the next day.

Let's get quizzical

The team spent weeks prepping for the St David's Hospice Care 'Biz Quiz', revising flags, general knowledge and playing Claire's vintage quiz game from the 1980s (even if it was aimed at kids!) 

The Biz Quiz, held at Glamorgan Cricket Stadium and sponsored by GS Verde Group saw 23 teams from businesses in the area compete in 7 gruelling rounds of questions fit for Cambridge and Oxford graduates. 

Sadly, our general knowledge revision wasn't quite up to scratch, with 'Team Pass' coming joint 16th alongside Newport competition Kymin. But we didn't let our rubbish score dampen our spirits. It was a really enjoyable afternoon. The half-time curry, continuous beers and great atmosphere was the perfect end to a busy month for Parade. And of course we were happy to have raised some money for St David's Hospice Care. 

We'll definitely be entering again next year. We'll just make sure we take an online course on 17th Century European politics before then! 

And in true October spirit we were listening to:

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