Go-Karting a go-go!

27th June 2016

A bit of healthy competition is needed at times here at the Estates Office, so to welcome newbies Gayle & Lauren to the gang we decided to hit the tracks and test out their go-karting skills and release our inner Hamiltons. Yeh, right!

Four great teams and only one winner. Who would be lifting that shiny trophy and popping that Champagne cork? Parade Design, Hutchings & Thomas, Foxwood Recruitment or G2A Energy. 

Setting off in the sweltering heat, listening to a bit of ‘The Chain’ psyching ourselves up with the hope of a victory win for Team Parade, after what seemed like an endless journey to get to the venue, we were secretly expecting to meet The Stig upon arrival. Instead we were met by a locker room full of boiler suits, gloves and grease – not exactly what we needed on rare hot day in South Wales.

Half an hour and a brief talk later on the do’s, don’ts and dangers of karting, we headed to the track, heat rising from the tarmac and fist-bumping each other as we walked in what seemed like slow-motion (think Top Gun and Armageddon) to our cockpits! 

Va Va Vroooom! These things go fast! Spinning on bends, double pedalling, karts breaking down and soon enough, the competition was definitely starting to change gear and game faces were well and truly on. We even had sneaky team players inadvertently speeding into the pit a few laps too early (mentioning no names), making it look like they had won the race. Tut, tut. And this was not a one off occurrence either.

So, after hours of burning rubber and pushing each other to the limit it was, at last, time to test our best and put them forward for the final race. 10 gruelling laps of blood, sweat and tears...Which one of our finalists would get to that chequered flag first?

And remember, If you’re not first you're last!

Bringing it home for Team Parade, we had our very own speed demon Lauren.

Team Foxwood – Jonathan, Vicky and Adele.

Up on Team HT – Justin, Haydn, Fiona & David

And last but not least, Team G2A – Ingrid & Mark

Speeding off to bursts of cheering and chanting from the spectator stands, the final lap and chequered flag was fast approaching. Anxious onlookers head in their hands, too scared to watch... then finally, it’s over... a rushing noise of karts speed past the finish line.

And the winners are... (drumroll)

In first place we have Mark of G2A, second place goes to the lovely Fiona of H&T and third place we have Haydn of H&T.

So. There we have it. Parade didn't pick up any trophies this time, but we're not bitter. It was a fab day out with lots of banter and laughter. And anyway – We were first to the pub on the way home. Winners!

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