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3rd July 2018

For the creative designers amongst us, Computer Arts Magazine is a publication that we’re all familiar with. For those who’ve never heard of it, (we wont judge you, promise) you’ve probably skimmed past it on the shelves of WHSmith whilst reaching for Hello! or Angler’s weekly. It’s a national publication devoted to the graphic arts and this month (Issue #281 July 2018) Parade’s very own Claire features in the Culture feature: My Design Space.

The team at Computer Arts HQ were looking for beautiful and inspiring workspaces that could be featured in the mag, and they came across the Parade Studio on Twitter and thought it would be a good fit. How very flattering! The brief was to pick 5 items of interest of your working space and explain their significance. Hmm, this challenge was no mean feat I assure you! But like a scene from The X-Factor, the short-list was finally chosen, and article and images published. If you don't subscribe (shame on you), you can read the article below:

Claire Broome is a designer and owner of Parade Design, a creative design studio based in Newport, Wales.


Designer and studio owner Claire Broome on her creative sanctuary

Our studio is located in a shared Grade II listed building called The Estates Office. Lord Tredegar, a local historical figure, commissioned its build in 1902 as an office in which to conduct his land and property affairs. The ‘town mansion’ style property is a stunning example of Edwardian architecture and proudly adorns a ‘blue plaque’ as recognition of its historical importance. When the building was renovated in 2014 by private investors offering unique office space, I jumped at the chance to move out of my home dining room and into my own studio with room for an expanding team. The top floor was the perfect place for Parade - open plan, light and airy with high ceilings, feature fireplace, full of character and great views.

Item 1: My first iMac

I bought my first iMac whilst in my second year studying Graphic Design at Blackpool and The Fylde College in 1999. In the days before internet shopping, I remember getting my house-mate who had a car to drive me and my computer-literate friend ‘big Dave’ to PC World to buy it. My dad lent me the money and it allowed me to begin the transition from sketch book concepts to computer-generated visuals. Even though I’ve had many Macs since, I’ve always kept my first one - boxed up with installer CDs and manuals, but when I moved into the studio, I decided to put it on display as a reminder of the generation I first started my career. I also love the iconic design.

Item 2: Original LA Police Concert Band ‘Shako’ hat

We have a collection of Scout band drums, French horns and cymbals scattered around the studio, but my favourite parade-related item is this original 1930-1945 Los Angeles Police Department marching band ‘Shako’ hat. It came from an antique dealer friend with an official letter of authenticity and both hat and feathered plume were in its original box stamped ‘Handle with Pride’. I love that! It certainly has pride of place in the studio, when not being worn for comedy value.

Item 3: Less is More

The Parade team visited Barcelona last year and on our hit list of places to explore was the The Barcelona Pavilion designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, which houses his iconic Barcelona chair. I bought this model of his associated phrase ‘Less is More’ in the gift shop afterwards. It’s a nice reminder of my own mantra I use in graphic design as well as our fabulous time spent in Barcelona.

Item 4: A Smile in The Mind

This book was on our reading list in college, highly recommended by our tutor John Gibson. It’s my absolute favourite book. It has hundreds of examples of witty thinking used in graphic design from huge iconic brands to small independent tradespeople and was also designed by and includes lots of work by my favourite design agency ‘The Partners’. I never get bored of it and it most certainly continues to inspire me to create clever, thought-provoking design. It’s been updated and republished recently, so of course I had to add it to the book shelf.

Item 5: Diet Coke

I hate to admit to this, but I am a complete Diet Coke addict. I know it’s really bad for me, but since I don’t drink tea or coffee, I think it’s become my caffeine fix. The studio fridge is constantly loaded up with cans (not bottles) for me to consume throughout the day served ice cold as recommended. My obsession has meant I get bought Diet Coke memorabilia as gifts - like ‘Shirley’ our collectors edition Diet Coke Majorette Barbie Doll, complete with pom-pom boots and baton! A perfect addition to the Parade!

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