A souvenir of a Dreadful Year: The Novel-tea Towel - raising money for St David's Hospice Care

17th December 2020

Oh what a year!

When we created our Christmas ‘Parade on The Piste’ campaign last year, we didn’t think our slogan ‘It’s all downhill from here’ would actually come true!

This year, it feels like we’ve spent more time washing up the endless supply of dishes in our kitchens than in the office, we’ve participated in our fair share of Zoom quizzes and witnessed a global pandemic. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t struggled, adapting to lonely home working in tiny box rooms, changing our busy on-the-go lifestyles and being forced to plan less ahead and be more ‘in the now’. But all in all, we’re lucky and grateful that we’ve come out of this year, both personally and as a business in such tricky times.

As much as we want to forget 2020, such a huge life-changing year couldn’t be ignored. So for this years Parade  Christmas mailer we created a 'Souvenir of a Dreadful Year' - A limited edition novel-tea towel, featuring 12 month-by-month illustrations by our in-house designer and illustrator extraordinaire James Neilson.

2020 brought us so many ‘you couldn’t make this up’ moments that the tea towel almost designed itself. From toilet roll shortages to Dominic Cummings’ 'eye test' trip, we had loads of inspiration and were armed with a new vocabulary of words like Zoom, furlough and lockdown.

The result was so cool (even if we do say so ourselves) we ordered a few extra to try and sell to our followers to raise money for local charity, St. David’s Hospice Care. Throughout the pandemic St. David’s Hospice Care continued to provide an incredible service, despite the challenges and the cancellation of so many vital fundraising events.

We sold out of our x50 limited edition Novel-tea towels in just four days and raised £700 for St. David’s Hospice Care, so a massive thanks to everyone that supported this campaign and purchased a 'Souvenir of a Dreadful Year'. 

We’d love to see some snaps of how you’re using them, whether they played a part aiding the Christmas washing up, are framed in your house or locked away in a 2020 time capsule for future grand children to look back on.

Since we had so many requests from people asking if we were making them into prints, we've decided to do just that. So if you missed out on bagging a tea-towel, we'll keep you posted on when our limited run of prints can be purchased online.

We hope 2020 hasn’t been too hard on any of our friends, and that you all continue to keep safe. Here’s to 2021, the vaccine and hopefully getting back to a bit of normality.

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